Deploy like you know what you’re doing. Bring your projects to life.

A complete workflow for digital creators. Manage your servers, deploy your apps, or simply get a blog running.


Connect Your Accounts

Currently we support Digital Ocean & Github.

Create A Server

We create the most cost effective server with your VPS provider.

Deploy Your Projects

Select the repo you want to publish & enter your deploy settings.


Control Access

Manage who can access your server. Add and remove SSH keys all within your dashboard.

Project Components

Choose between multiple databases, pub/sub messaging, object storage solutions & more. Host any project from a simple static site to a complex behemoth.

Automatic Setup

Every server you make, comes with a preinstalled infrastructure for all your creations.

Continuous Deployment

Choose a branch, and every time you push to your git repo, your server will update to the latest version.


DM us on twitter, and well help make you an account.

Amulet is free during beta.